Living in Truth

To understand religion you have to live in the truth.

If you believe just one thing that is not the truth, you will never reach a high enough level to benefit from religion.

Look around you; the most religious people in the world are the most miserable, live in poverty and violence, are not healthier and happier, and not smart enough to know better.

The main lies that have destroyed religion:

God wants to be worshipped.

Only an evil god would want to be worshipped.

God can do all things.

God only works through people.

God doesn't make one drop of rain or make a leaf fall.

God is not a magician.

God is simply the mass consciousness of all of the people.

God never tells one to harm another.

We are all sinners.

That's simply designed to make you think that you need someone else to show you the way to live, or force you into living as they think you should.

God wants your glory.

God is not selfish and self-centered.

You earn your glory by doing good work.

The cross is a sacred item.

The cross was a tool of torture and murder.

An X would be a better symbol.  It could signify that together we stand united and strong, and any number of good things.

Jesus was the son of God.

Jesus was simply a common person that reached a level of consciousness that we can all reach.

These levels are reached by various methods.

The most prevalent method is by using alcohol and/or drugs, usually coupled with deep meditation and/or hypnosis.

We presently call these people "Jesus Freaks."

There are seven levels of this consciousness, and anyone can reach these levels without using drugs if they Live in Truth.

Jesus did great things.

The greatest thing he showed us is what not to do. 

He showed us that if we commit a crime that is punishable by death, God will not save us from the punishment, even if the law is wrong.

We are waiting for the Second Coming of Christ.

We are all children of God.

There has been many that have achieved the Jesus level of understanding.

Unfortunately, none has found a way to convince the people for two main reasons; they couldn't walk on water, and they couldn't grasp going beyond the fifth level.

The Bible was written by people that were wise for their time, but would be considered only third-level people today.

They had very little worldly, scientific, or medical knowledge.

They basically used God to achieve a higher status for themselves.

By glorifying God, they were really glorifying themselves.  All religious people tend to do that.

You have to be saved.

That is merely a tool to get you to feel that you belong in a particular group that will show you the way to live, and eventually force you to live their way.

Experiencing the first three levels of religion and moving above them will show you why.


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