Are All Religions Right?

If there are so many religions in the world, how could they all be right?

It was obvious to me that only one could possibly be right and that all of the rest of them had to be wrong.

Everyone thinks that theirs is right and everybody else's is wrong.

Even at eight-years-old, I realized how stupid that was.

My answer was, "If there are so many wrong, then we are probably all wrong."

It was thirty years later before the answer came to me.

We ARE all wrong!  We have been dancing to the Devil since before we came out of the cave.

Ponder these 3 thoughts, again:

1.  Religious people don't live any longer that anyone else.

2.  Religious people aren't any healthier than anyone else.

3.  Religious people aren't any happier than anyone else.


Isn't it obvious that they are doing something wrong?

Religion has been used to control the masses since its beginning.

What is truly sad is that there really is good in this world, once you get past the sick people that want your money, or want you to hurt or kill someone for them.

God does not want worshippers.  The people that want to control you want you to be subservient to God, which they proclaim to be closer to than you.  They want you to be subservient to them and do as they say because they say that God said it.  Would a good god want you on your knees worshipping him or would he want you standing at his side and doing good works?

The reason that the idea of worship is so readily accepted is because many people would expect to be worshipped if they were God.  Only the Devil wants to be worshipped.  It is a tool of control. 


Unscrupulous people have claimed to be religious leaders and twisted religion into their own tool to gain power and control over others.  They use threats of punishment and promises of rewards to oppress people.

These leaders only cause pain and suffering.

They claim that God is all powerful, yet they decide who God wants killed and how to do it and when and why.

Is their god really a weak murderer that needs their help to satisfy his blood-lust?

Even if God was a murdering freak, he couldn't convince a decent person to do his evil deeds.  He would use the programmed, simple-minded followers of sick, evil-minded religious leaders. 

Most present day religions are simply cults that try to program the young and the gullible into becoming followers, to do their bidding.

God does not want followers, God wants leaders that will do good for others.

Only evil people use religion to harm others.