My Revelations

1.  We have been wrong about religion since the beginning of time.

2.  We are all a part of God.

3.  God does not want to be worshipped.

4.  God does not promise rewards or punishments.

a.  The saying, "What goes around, comes around" is a true statement. 

b.  We plant the seeds of our rewards and punishment as we live our lives. 

c.  We create our own Heaven or Hell right here on Earth.

5.  God only works through people, not things.

6.  God is not all powerful.

a.  God doesn't make one drop of rain or a leaf to fall.

7.  God never encourages people to do evil deeds.

a.  Only pure evil encourages the harming of the innocent.

8.  There are many levels of good and bad.

a.  We all live in the level of our choosing.
Those that live in a level beneath us try to drag us down.
Those that live above us try to help lift us up.
Those that live in your level will encourage you to stay the same.