Jesus Learning the Truth

When he said, "Ye are all gods," he was beginning to understand.

He knew one truth that is never mentioned.  He knew that he was a common man that had reached a higher level of understanding than others.  He simply had a calling which he acted on to the best of his ability and knowledge.

He saw the power that he was developing simply by becoming a better person.

He saw how others became attracted to him, would listen to him, and would follow him.

He realized that we are all connected, and that the sum of all people is what creates God.

He began learning how to use the powers of God to do good works.

He knew that the crime he was going to commit was punishable by death, but he thought that the power of God would prevail.

He thought that if he was doing something good, the force of good would overcome those that wanted to execute him.  He was wrong, which shows that he wasn't all knowing and infallible.

His mistake was underestimating the power of ignorance.  It is ignorance that brings together the forces of evil.  Ignorant people stoned people to death, made living sacrifices to gods, believed idiotic stories and reacted to them, etc.

His words, "Why have you forsaken me?" demonstrates his thinking at the time.


Heaven and Hell

The elders had to have a way of threatening punishment.  What happens to us after we die was a natural way to threaten people.  It was a way that couldn't be disputed.  Dead people can't talk. 

They created stories of what happened after death.  The one story that stuck was Heaven and Hell.  It worked perfectly.  If you do as they say, you go to Heaven.  If you don't, you go to Hell.


Jesus' Death and Resurrection

This story if full of contradictions, but at the time, they were talking to uneducated, primitive thinking people.

Jesus' dying was a bad thing, a huge sacrifice.  God gave his only son, etc.  Questions you should ask:

1.  Didn't Jesus go to Heaven?

2.  Is going to Heaven a bad thing?

3.  Did God bringing Jesus to be with him in Heaven represent a sacrifice?

4.  Why would anybody want to leave Heaven and be resurrected back to that miserable time and place?

5.  And why would a resurrected person only be seen by a couple of feeble-minded, probably intoxicated, people?


The whole idea is stupid.  Anyone that preaches it is misguided or a crook and a liar that only wants your obedience and your money.


Jesus Died for What?

Jesus Died for What?

He didn't die for our sins.

Jesus died because he committed a crime for which the punishment was death.

He died because he thought that he had the power of God.

He thought that God would protect him because he thought that he was doing what God wanted him to do.

Obviously, he was wrong.  He justified violence in order to get others to do as he wanted.


Suicide bombers think that they are doing what god wants, also.

Don't people have the mentality to see how stupid the whole concept is?

Of course they don't.  They are programmed as children to be mindless robots by their religious leaders.  They are taught that God wants them to use torture and murder to solve a problem.  They live in a world of violence, suffering, and poverty because they have listened to misguided leaders.

They don't understand the meaning of, "The truth will set you free."


Adam and Eve

Another story almost too stupid to talk about.

1.  Adam and Eve had too sons.

2.  Adam was kicked out of the Garden of Eden.

3.  Eve kept having babies.


What idiot believes that all of the people in this world are the creation of Eve and her sons?  That is beyond retarded.


Walking on Water

That story and several others were created so that nobody could challenge what they said in the bible unless they could, at least, walk on water. 

They knew that many people would try to say that they were the next person like Jesus, so they made up stories that would make it impossible for anyone to claim such a status. 

Even they knew that people couldn't walk on water, or turn water into wine (without some sugar and yeast).


The Cross

This is the ultimate symbol of torture and murder.  It was used as a constant reminder of what could happen to a person if they didn't obey the religious leaders. 

Who would want to adorn their buildings with such a symbol?  Obviously, religious leaders that want to oppress you, or those that don't know any better.


Intelligent Design

The design of the human body proves that life is a product of evolution. 

To a simple mind, the human body can appear to be a complex organism. 

To a more educated mind it is easy to see that the human body is in a very primitive stage of development. 

Many animals and insects are physically more developed than humans in many areas.  Some can see better, hear better, taste, smell, and feel with a much higher degree of sensitivity than humans.  Some have developed telepathic abilities for beyond human's primitive levels.  Some have a sense of direction far beyond human's abilities.  Some have armor, weapons, camouflage abilities, etc. that began developing long before the first strain of humans began developing.

People have asked me that if we evolved from monkeys, why are there are still monkeys?  Just as different strains of people are evolving at different rates, so have the animals.  The present day monkeys are of a higher degree of development than the monkeys of a million years ago.  If all of the people disappeared, the monkeys would eventually evolve into humans just as we have.  They are simply behind in their development because of various random events.

For those that "believe" in intelligent design, you should really consider  this idea.  offsite link


Natural Disasters

God creates no natural disasters.

God does not make one drop of rain or make one leaf fall.  If God made the weather, he would be an indiscriminate murderer, which he is not. 

God only works through people because god is the sum of all people.

Only people can fulfill the wishes of God.


A New Bible

The main reason for needing a new bible is to remove the garbage written in it by minds that distorted the true word.

God never said both of these;  "An eye for an eye..." and, "forgive thy enemies."  Both can't be true.  One could be, but the possibility exists that both are distorted by the minds of the writer.

The Bible is full of things that have been distorted by the sickness of the writer's mind.  Stoning people to death is obviously a product of a demented person.  How can we believe anything else they wrote?  Why would we think that they are writing what god wants them to write?  If it's evil, it comes from evil, either from without or from within.

The Bible is like a test.  A good person can easily distinguish between the good and the evil in it.  A bad person will rejoice in the evil and relish spreading the word about it.  A bad person likes to use fear in order to get you to do what they want.  A totally evil person will ask you to do harm to innocent people.  We see this every day by the mass murderers that kill for their own sick pleasure, and convince the gullible that they have a good reason to kill innocent people.  Unfortunately, the really stupid will believe them.

A few verses that will make you wonder    

A Bad Person:

1.  Uses fear to get you to do what they want you to do.

2.  Wants to force you to live as they want you to.

3.  Sticks their nose into your business.

4.  Wants to impose their idea of morals on you.

5.  Encourages revenge by calling it justice.



A Good Person:

1.  Helps others.

2.  Solves problems without violence.

3.  Keeps their nose out of other people's business.

4.  Lives by The Golden Rule.




That's why people are told to bow their heads, or kneel, or kiss the ground.  These are tools used by religious leaders to make their followers feel subservient to their leader.  In the name of Jesus or God or some other Entity is used to show that even the leader is dutifully subservient. 

"Honor thy mother and father" was used to get children to obey their parents.  It is rather silly.  What if your mother and father are child kidnapping cannibals?  You should honor honorable people.  Parents shouldn't think that their children should respect them if they don't deserve to be respected.

I listened to a sermon where the preacher talked about honoring those in higher power.  Paul or someone said that people should honor the king.  Of course he said that.  He didn't want his head chopped off!


The Ten Commandments

1.  Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

2.  Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

3.  Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.

4.  Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.

5.  Honor thy father and thy mother.

6.  Thou shalt not kill.

7.  Thou shalt not commit adultery.

8.  Thou shalt not steal.

9.  Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

10.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's house.


This simple statement, The Golden Rule, covers all of the Commandments:

Do unto others as you would wish them do unto you.

It even covers the sick instructions in the Bible, like, stoning, sacrificing, enslaving, mutilation, etc.

Remember:  Slavery was considered a good thing when the bible was written.

Did God really inspire the idea of slavery?  OF COURSE NOT!  Slavery was an idea inspired within the writer's own mind because of his own ideas and beliefs.

How can we believe anything else that person wrote?   We can't!  Not until we learn to separate the good thoughts from the bad thoughts.  If in doubt, apply The Golden Rule.  It works every time, unless you're a masochist.

A good analysis of The Ten Commandments is here:
http://www.religioustolerance.org offsite link

An interesting article on the Commandments is here:
Moore's Law — The Immorality of the Ten Commandments.

— by Christopher Hitchens                    


The Devil

There is no single entity that people think of as the Devil.  It is not a person.  It is merely a product of these things that people harbor within themselves:

1.  Ignorance

2.  Greed

3.  Selfishness

4.  Lust for power and importance

5.  Envy

6.  Lack of self-esteem

7.  Blindly believing


It does act as if it is a person until one looks at the causes of a person's actions.  This force is weak and harmless if one individually addresses the seven items above and begins overcoming them.  It is really quite easy.

Religious leaders promote the devil because of item four.  They need the devil to make themselves more important.  They need you to think that their prayers are stronger than yours.  They need you to think that they are better than you.  They are simply tools of the devil and most of them don't know it.


Be Wary of Religious Leaders that:

1.  Try to impress you

2.  Make you subservient

3.  Try to confuse

4.  Want your money



The word BELIEVE means that you don't KNOW

To have someone blindly believe something is a tool used to manipulate the mindless.

You can try to believe anything that you want to, but it is not the same as knowing.  Believing does not make it true, and you know it. 

Search for the truth and you will find the answer.

Blindly believe and you will never know the truth.


Being Saved

Being saved from what? 

Why do you need to worry about being saved? 

Good people don't have to worry about such silliness.  It is designed to make you think that you are getting something by doing as you are told. 

Simply follow the Golden Rule and you can never go wrong.

The preacher's trick of calling you all sinners is simply used to convince you that you need his help, and that you should put some money in the bowl.


The Carrot and the Stick

You don't need to be treated as a child and promised rewards if you do right, and threatened with punishment if you do wrong.

What really happens is that you create your own Heaven or Hell right here on Earth.

Don't even consider what might happen afterwards.  What will be, will be, whether for good or bad.

The only influence you have is based totally on how you live your life.


Why Fear the Lord?

That is a tool of control.  Only the devil wants you to fear him. 

God wants you to have no fear.


Praise God?

A good god isn't selfish or self-centered.

A good god doesn't need or want to be praised.

A good god wants you to praise those that do good work.

A good god wants you to praise those that allow themselves to be moved to do good work.

Only a selfish, self-centered god would want you to waste your time praising him.

As you praise the people that do good work, you are energizing them to do even more good work.

You will begin seeing that only the devil wants you on your knees worshiping him.

A good person can understand this because they can see the difference in a good god and a bad one.

If you can't now, do more good works and you will soon be able to.


Heal Thyself

Jesus wanted people to stop looking to him for healing.

He knew that all people had the power to heal themselves.

He wanted to get them to help themselves instead of asking someone else to do it for them.


The Virgin Mary

There are several possibilities and one impossibility.

The impossibility: She got pregnant without a sperm cell.

The possibilities:

1.  It has been proven in a lab that it is possible for a virgin to get pregnant without having intercourse.  Sperm cells live longer than expected.  Some have the mobility of being able to enter a vagina simply by getting on a woman's body in the vicinity of the vagina.  Amazingly, it is possible for a woman to get pregnant from sitting on a toilet seat.  This is very unlikely, but possible.  A pregnant virgin could really believe that it was immaculate conception, especially someone in a time when they had practically no scientific knowledge about reproduction.

2.  In past times, children slept together for warmth and a simple lack of beds. Things happen in one's sleep; a wet dream, etc.

3.  Many siblings have had their first sexual experiences with each other.  It is much more common than people want to admit.  And ironically, if they are close in age, the girl tends to be the seducer/aggressor.

4.  If she had gotten pregnant in the normal way, leaving home to have the baby would have been practically necessary.


When Living in Truth, one has to admit that they don't know the truth.  Just because someone wrote it down doesn't make it true.

The bigger truth is that it is simply a story to influence the less intelligent.

At least it is more sensible than Adam and Eve and a talking snake.


Seven Levels of Callings

1.  Willingly active in religion.

2.  Fanatically devoted to religion, worship, church, spreading the word . . .

3.  Fanatical to the point of carrying signs to concerts and sporting events. Considered a Jesus Freak. The more intelligent bypass this level . . .

4.  Feeling that one's calling is to become a preacher.

5.  Thinking that one has a special calling, akin to being the second messiah . . .

6.  Realizing what happened to Jesus and where he went wrong.

7.  An invitation to stand beside god and do good works.


If at any time you think that God wants you to hurt anyone for any reason, you really haven't gone past the third level.  You are a fanatic driven by your own agenda.

Always remember:  Only an evil god would want you to hurt someone.


Pure Evil

The most evil people on the planet are those that encourage others to harm people in the name of religion. 

They have lame excuses that will convince the really stupid people to do these deeds. 

They offer promises that only a stupid person could possibly believe.  And unfortunately, there is no shortage of stupid, gullible people.  Especially since children are being raised under religious ideals to be mindless followers.

The world needs leaders that encourage good work, not followers that do evil.