Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason
ISBN: 0-393-32765-5
Sam Harris
Harris argues that in the presence of weapons of mass destruction, we can no longer expect to survive our religious differences indefinitely.

Moderation in religion poses considerable dangers of its own: as the accommodation we have made to religious faith in our society now blinds us to the role that faith plays in perpetuating human conflict.

CLICK ON COVER TO EXPLORE Battle For the Mind, A Physiology of Conversion and BrainWashing
ISBN: 1883536065
William Walters Sarg
How can an evangelist convert a hardboiled sophisticate? Why does a POW sign a "confession" that he knows is false? How is a criminal pressured into admitting his guilt? Do the evangelist, the POW's captor, and the policeman use similar methods to gain their ends?

These and other compelling questions are discussed in the definitive work by William Sargant, who for many years until his death in 1988 was a leading physician in psychological medicine.

Sargant spells out and illustrates the basic techniques used by evangelists, psychiatrists, and brain-washers to disperse the patterns of belief and behavior already established in the minds of their hearers, and to substitute new patterns for them.

Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design
ISBN: 0393315703
Richard Dawkins
The title refers to the Rev. William Paley's 1802 work, Natural Theology, which argued that just as finding a watch would lead you to conclude that a watchmaker must exist, the complexity of living organisms proves that a Creator exists.

Dawkins argues that all appearances to the contrary, the only watchmakers in nature are the blind forces of physics, albeit deployed in a very special way.

A Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution
ISBN: 0618005838
Richard Dawkins
Tracing your ancestry all the way back to the origin of life.

CLICK ON COVER TO EXPLORE Climbing Mount Improbable
ISBN: 0393039307
Richard Dawkins
Explains how complex structures such as the eye can evolve without intelligent design.

CLICK ON COVER TO EXPLORE Creationism's Trojan Horse:
The Wedge of Intelligent Design
ISBN: 0195157427
Barbara Forrest
Paul R. Gross
The authors explain why they wrote the book this way. Religious interference in American science and science education is an old story. But intelligent design proponents’ cultivation of support for efforts to eliminate evolution from public school science, or to disparage it, and to secure recognition of creationists’ claims of scientific legitimacy, are today enjoying unprecedented, nationwide success.

For the first time, such claims seem to many lay observers to have become respectable. In fact, however, they are no more respectable as scholarly inquiry, or specifically as biological science, than were their discredited "creation science" predecessors. Unfortunately, this is not widely understood.

Nor is the seamless continuity of "Intelligent Design Theory" with other recognized forms of creationism.

Having examined in detail claims made by members of the "Wedge" we saw it as our professional and civic obligation to scholarship and science to prepare a fully documented account of their anti-evolution agenda. We came to understand that, for the well-being of science and science education, the seamless continuity of intelligent design and traditional creationism must be demonstrated for our colleagues and the knowledgeable public.

The narrowness of Wedge strategists’ religious aims, which do not reflect the values of the broader, more tolerant religious community, must be exposed, as must Intelligent Design’s pervasively sham methods of inquiry.

People who value science and the benefits of life in an enlightened society must be alerted to the Wedge’s political, cultural, and religious ambitions.

dvd_cover The God Who Wasn't There
Brian Flemming
This movie debunks Christianity by showing how all parts of the Jesus legend were borrowed from earlier religions, and that even the church fathers admitted that.

It also shows how early Christian writers were not talking about a literal historical person.

Finally it shows how the Bible is at odds in many crucial places with established history. See the website for a variety of clips.